KRIS Likes … Lacquer

Lacquer (Verb): to give a smooth finish or appearance to : make glossy <lacquered her hair> – Merriam Webster Dictionary

Todd Klein

I think Saladino said it best in an interview for New York Magazine when he said, “the difference between enamel and lacquer is the difference between lumpfish and fresh caviar.”  Lacquering walls is both labor intensive and therefore, expensive but there truly is nothing like it!  The high gloss surface acts like a mirror – producing a polish and depth to the walls that reflects the light and adds a wonderful watery dimension to any room. Enjoy!!!

Aerin Lauder’s Library in East Hampton, New York.

Steven Gambrel

Steven Gambrell.

This picture really shows you how reflective the surface can be!

Manhattan Library of Candia Fisher Designer James Aman of Aman and Carson.

Here an automobile spray enamel was used to create gleaming walls and ceiling beams.

Katie Ridder

Simon Upton

Calvin Tsao

Miles Redd

Melissa Rufty of MMR Interiors

Miles Redd

Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle

Rob Southern

Simon Upton Lacquered Screen.

Jeffrey Bilhuber.

Simply stunning!  An unexpected pop of color that you can see reflects onto the carpet.  I always love a lacquered ceiling – it makes you feel like you are inside a precious jewelry box.

Phoebe Howard

Steven Gambrel

Miles Redd

Katie Ridder

Katie Ridder

If you want to have the lacquer effect on your walls but don’t want to pay for the highly intensive labor it requires Phillip Jeffries has a great line of Vinyl Lacquer wallcoverings… Some examples below.

Robert Verdi – Phillip Jeffries Brushed Lacquer

Anne Hepfer – Philip Jeffries Quilted Lacquer – Cream

I simply adore the look of this quilted lacquer.  The quilting just adds another dimension to the room which is never a bad thing!

Bradley Stephens 2010 Hampton’s Showhouse – Phillip Jeffries Lacquered Strie – Navy


2 thoughts on “KRIS Likes … Lacquer

  1. I saw that Anne Hepfer room in person and originally thought it was tile! Great feature on laquered walls and furniture!

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