KRIS Likes… 1st Dibs

“I have no recipe for how to combine things.  But you must be sincere.  And if you are, strangely, it will succeed.” – Andree Putnam, Interior Designer 

Today I thought I would simply post some of the things from one of my favorite websites (1st Dibs) that have inspired me over the past few days or (in the case of the John Dickinson tables)… things that I have loved my entire life! … Enjoy!

“I believe creativity is a childlike activity and to question too much may be irrelevant..” – Frank O. Gehry

Azilal Rug

Azilal Rug at 1stdibs.


The Log Holder at First Dibs

Stunning Moon Mask From The Ivory Coast at 1stdibs

Stunning Moon Mask From The Ivory Coast at 1stdibs.

Rare Large John Dickinson African Table

Rare Large John Dickinson African Table at First Dibs

Cantagalli Vase at First Dibs

Cantagalli Vase at First Dibs

Rooster Parade from the portfolio Aftermath by Gustav Klimt

Rooster Parade from the portfolio Aftermath by Gustav Klimt

Original John Dickinson Four Leg Table

Original John Dickinson Four Leg Table at 1stdibs.

KRIS Likes… The Little Details

“People’s lives are expressed in little details….The soap in the bathroom, the flowers in the garden, the books on the bedside table are all strong symbols of a life in progress. You look at these details and a world unfolds – here are their books, the paintings they cherish, the music that soothes their souls.”  – Charlotte Moss, A Passion for Details

Kelly Wearstler

Putting together a vignette is like creating a beautiful still life.  The display of collections or placement of decorative objects may look simple and effortless but it requires a well-trained eye and is truly an art form.  When done correctly, a vignette can have a major visual and emotional impact on a room.   It fills in the blanks.  Pulls a room together.  Gives it polish and a personal touch.  Transforms a house into a home.  Changing a tabletop vignette is a simple and inexpensive way to alter the look of a room.  Hopefully, these images will help to inspire you…  Enjoy!

Apartment of Delfina Delettrez

Vincent Wolf

Richard Hallberg Veranda

Richard Hallberg Veranda

Phoebe Howard

Phoebe Howard

Apartment of Julie de Libran

Charlotte Moss

Steven Gambrel

Alberto Pinto Architectural Digest
Carrier & Co Room for 2011 Hearst Designer Visions
Kemble Interiors 2011 Kips Bay Showhouse via Heather Clawson

Lizzie Bailey Lonny Mag Feb:Mar 2010

Kemble Interiors 2011 Kips Bay Showhouse via Heather Clawson

Miles Redd

Miles Redd

Celerie Kemble via Lonny Magazine Oct:Nov 2011

KRIS Likes… Fur

Vanessa Triana’s Bedroom Harpers Bazaar October 2010

Once again, New York City is covered in a blanket of snow and since most New Yorker’s aren’t fortunate enough to have a working fireplace, a little bit of fur in your decor can be the next best way to fight the freeze.  For those of you who are opposed to real fur, not to fret, the faux fur alternatives can be just as lush, soft and warm as the real thing!  Below are just a few examples of how todays top designers have incorporated fur into their chic home designs.  Enjoy!!

Vanessa Traina’s West Village Apartment Harper’s Bazaar October 2010

Blackman Cruz Metropolitan Home January 2008

Home of Ernest de la Torre and Kris Haberman Elle Decor January 2006

Dan Barsanti of Healing Barsanti Metropolitan Home November 2008

Brad Ford Lonny Mag December 2010

Andrew Halliday and David Greer Master Bedroom House Beautiful July 2008

Home of Tony Espuch  shot by Toril for Habitania

Gilles Mendel Elle Decor October 2007

Paul Gruer Designs House Beautiful Jan 2010

Ryan Korban Lonny Mag Aug/Sep 2010

Ryan Korban Lonny Mag Feb/Mar 2010

Home of Ralph and Ricky Lauren Elle Decor October 2010

Trip Haenisch Lonny Mag Jan/Feb 2010

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Elle Decor October 2006

Marytn Lawrence-Bullard Master Bathroom Elle Decor October 2006

Paul Caravelli Elle Decor March 2010

Robert Couturier Dining Room of Frederic Fekkai and Shirin von Wulffen Elle Decor October 2010

White Cowhide Console by Susan Ferrier House Beautiful

KRIS Likes… Andirons

The oldest of fireplace furnishings, andirons were used widely from the Late Iron Age.  The andiron stands on short legs and usually has a vertical guard bar at the front to prevent logs from rolling odd, thus giving it a somewhat dog like appearance (hence the alternative name, firedog). – Encyclopedia Britannica

Pair of Iron Dog Fireplace Andirons from Mecox Gardens

It is officially winter and when faced with the bitter cold of the outdoors nothing sounds better than getting cozy next to a warm fire!  The fireplace is often the visual focal point in a room and how you adorn your fireplace opening can greatly enhance the rooms aesthetic appeal.  One  of my favorite ways to increase your fireside allure is through the  decorative and essential use of Andirons.  Andirons are metal supports that keep the logs inside your fireplace, as well as, lift the logs off the ground, promoting more air flow around them and making for a better fire.  Of course, they are highly decorative, incorporating a whole host of architectural and design elements!  In my opinion, the larger the better but don’t forget that finishing touches like these are what gives a home its unique personality so be sure these details display who you are!  Below are just a few of my favorites to help guide you… Enjoy and stay warm!

Art Deco Polished Nickel Whippet Hound Andirons by Quotient – $2,475


1930’s Nickel Art Deco Skyscraper Andirons – $1600

Tall Brass “U Form” Modernist Andirons from the 1950’s – $900

ABC Modern Brass Machine Age Andirons, American, circa 1930’s-1940’s  – $750

1960’s Asian Inspired Andirons and firetools $1,200 from ABC ModernSleek Brass Ball Andirons Circa 1950’s – $950


Pair of Mandarin Style Hollywood Regency Brass Andirons – $1,200


Phillip Nimmo Ironworks Linea Andirons = To The Trade Only Profiles Showroom

1920’s French Rare & Exceptional Blackened Steel, Neckeled Bronze & Crystal Andirons From The Collection of Madeleine Castaing – $8,000

Chinese Drawing Room At Carlton House from Peak of Chic

Reed and Delphine Krakoffs Southampton Home Featured in Elle Decor September 2006.  Andirons Designed by Pamplemousse.

Vincente Wolfe

Caratid Andirons from Lyle + Umbach – To The Trade Only

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Madeline Stuart Featured in Elle Decor January 2007

Yves St Laurent Paris Apartment Featured in Architectual Digest July 2009

Jim Howard House Beautiful

Steven Gambrel Featured in November 2007 Issue of Elle Decor

Cordelia De Castellane H&G May07


KRIS Likes… Bookends

A Matter of Taste and Utility – Book Think: Bookends and Beginnings

Pair of Buddha Soapstone Bookends

If you are like me and are an avid reader with a sizable book collection, then you most likely also have plenty of bookcases to house them in. When properly arranged, a bookcase can be an important feature of a well-designed room, as well as, a great place to inject a little personality. In addition to adding visual interest, bookends keep your bookshelves functional and neat – and let’s be honest, there is no point decorating a bookcase you plan on keeping messy!  When decorating your bookcase remember that while it is a good idea to use decorative objects, like bookends, to break the monotony of the books, you don’t want to go overboard and end up with cluttered shelves!  Books are beautiful in their own right and you don’t want to take away from that.  Always remember to leave a little breathing room on your shelves.  Hopefully, these bookends will be the inspiration you need to start displaying those books with a little added sense of flair…. or at the very least, offer a good excuse to update them! Personally, I find arranging bookcases fun and rewarding so I hope you enjoy!

Soa Paulo Quartz Bookends

Onyx & Metal “Salta” Bookends from Horchow

Or for the slightly less expensive version…..

Crystal Ball Bookends

Agate Bookend from Jayson Home and Garden

Malchite Green Italian Alabaster Egg Bookends

Vintage Foo Dog Bookends in Brass

Can never go wrong with a Foo Dog and I love the Greek Key detail on the bases!

Vintage Japanese Symbol Brass Bookends with Greek Key Boarder

Red Resin Fu Dog Bookends from CB2

Agate and Silver Bookends

David Cafiero

Cow Horn on Onyx Base “Cubo” Bookends from Horchow

Miles Redd

KRIS Likes… Beeline Home by Bunny Williams

“My tastes are unabashedly eclectic.  I wanted pieces that would work together not because they are alike but because they are different.” — Bunny Williams describing the aesthetic of her Beeline Home furniture line

Bunny Williams, creator of Beeline Home, launched her own design firm in 1998 after 20 years at the esteemed design house of Sister Parish and Albert Hadley.  The 1st Dibs Style Compass feature on Bunny wrote of her, “When Williams speaks, you listen carefully, because you are going to learn something that will make your life a little better.  Even if you aren’t lucky enough to have your own country home or an herb garden, her advice on those subjects transcends the specifics to embrace a joie de vivre that is both down-home and infectious.”  I could not agree more.  Everything she said seems to strongly resonate with my own design experience.  Throwing herself head first into interior design when she started working for Sister Parish and Albert Hadley, she claims, “I knew after being there a little while that I was going to make a career of it.  The learning wasn’t going to stop at office hours; I was entrenched full time.”  And later when she started describing the process of creating her own home line she says,  “I just wanted to create things that every room needs.  Besides I like staying busy.  If I didn’t decorate I’d spend my life in the country with my dogs.”  I cannot tell you how many times I have responded to a comment about how hard I work by telling them that when I’m not decorating I don’t know what to do with myself.  It’s not just a job – or a passion even – it very simply becomes a part of who you are.  This is not to say that I entirely know what it feels like to be as busy as Bunny Williams, a 30 year design veteran who has authored three books, co-founded the Manhattan retail home and garden boutique, Treillage, and now creator of her own furniture and accessory collection, Beeline Home.  To get from her first idea of Beeline Home to the finished product took her four years.  This is mostly due to the fact that she decided to produce the line herself, claiming, “it has taken that long because I had to do it the complicated way.” Being in control of the manufacturing of Beeline Home was the only was she could ensure the pieces were properly constructed and that the quality of the finishes were exactly the way she wanted them.

The Beeline Home collection was first introduced in 2009.  To keep the collection fresh and exciting, everything in the collection is a limited edition and new items will continue to be released each spring. The newest collection, Beeline Home II debuted at High Point this past October and included around 45 new additions to the line.  The collection can be purchased through the Bunny Williams website.  Below are just a few of my favorites… Enjoy!

Turquoise Lamp

I have had a love affair with these oversized, ceramic temple jar lamps since I first saw them in Bunny’s 2009 Kips Bay Showhouse living room.  The Turquoise color and layering of the glaze is magnificent and I love the detail of the hand carved gilt lotus base!

Chicken Feather Lamps

Yet another lamp I fell in love with at Kips Bay last year.

Hyacinth Lamps

These tall and slender pyramid shaped lamps have a wood burned shagreen pattern and come in two colors: lavender with nickel hardware and ivory with brushed brass hardware.

Ziegfeld Mirror

This is Hollywood Regency glam at it’s best!  Fitting considering Bunny claims to have been thinking of  the old Hollywood movies when she created this piece.  I love the white lacquered wood frame and the eight antique etched glass panels surrounding the large mirrored center keep it grounded in luxury and tradition, and from being too modern.

Scroll Side Table

There is something about the chunky legs of this table juxtaposed with the thin semi-honed granite top and delicate neo-classical details like the graceful volutes that support the tripod base or the hand carved coin details that makes this table magnificent.

Hourglass Table

An octagonal pedestal base of hand applied reeded wood, (finished in either an old gold or silver leaf patina) with a honed fossil stone top is what Bunny Williams calls “eye catching”.

Modern Marble Coffee Table

Like the Eglomise Table in her first collection but with a slightly raised honed fossil stone top….

Charlie’s Chair

This semi-slipper chair was a treasured gift from Albert Hadley to Bunny Williams.  I especially love the high back.

Eclipse Arm and Side Chair

One of Beeline Home’s signature pieces, this chair features an elongated oval splat frame supported by tapered, splayed legs and perfectly finished with a tight upholstered back and seat.  I love the contrast of the curved armrests on the arm chair with the architectural details on the apron and legs!

Nailhead Sofa

I have always been a sucker for this type of clean yet ultra-feminine type sofa with the curved apron and nailhead trim.  LOVE the look of the tight back with the super plush loose seat cushions!  All upholstery can be done COM (in clients own fabric).

Pug Bench

Bunny describes this bench perfectly, calling it elegant, yet compact.  I love having pieces in a room that can serve as extra seating when you have company over, or a place to rest your books while you are reading alone.  Function and style is always a winning combination!  The carved scroll legs and paw feet really put the piece over the top for me!

Below are photos of Bunny Williams room for the 2009 Kips Bay Showhouse, where she used to showcase many of her new Beeline Home product….

Photos from this year’s High Point Showroom, which featured the Beeline Home Collection II:

KRIS Likes… Ikat

i·kat (ēˈkät) – noun – A craft in which one tie-dyes and weaves yarn to create an intricately designed fabric.

For those of you how know me well (or have simply stepped inside my apartment or taken a peak at my wardrobe) it will come as no surprise to you that I like Ikat.  Correction: I have a mild obsession with it.  In an attempt to not seem too trendy, as Ikat has been a major fad for a while now, I have tried to contain my obsession but I’ve finally cracked!  I feared that this post would take me a month to write, such is my devotion, but for your sakes I have tried to edit it down as best I can.  And I assure you another Ikat post is certainly in my future.

Envelope Ikat Clutch by Roberta Freymann.  LOVE the leather piping, gold details and classic envelope shape.

Charlotte Moss Ankara Bangle – part of her new Wanderlust collection.

Oscar De La Renta Ikat Embroidered Ballerina Flat

Fiamma Multicolor Bowl by Ginori at Michael C Fina

Green & Saffron Ikat Paper Cocktail Napkins – only $6.95 for twenty and so VERY pretty!

Safron Ikat Paper Dinner Plates – check out the whole collection you won’t regret it!

Loomed Bowl from Anthropologie

Customizable Ikat Ked Sneaker – $72.65 per pair

Iomoi Custom Calling Card in The Pink & Green Point Pattern

Ikat Note Cards

Vintage Uzbek Silk Ikat Throw

Rectangular Ikat Lampshade

Kirbet Cushion by Missoni Home

Ikat Pillows from Andrianna Shamaris

Cambodian Silk Ikat Placemats from ABC HomeAntique Gilt Chair 19th Century reupholstered in vintage Ikat and burlap from Jayson Home & Garden

100% Tibetan Wool Rug with 100 Knots from Weiss House

And here are how some of my favorite designers have incorporated Ikat into their designs….

Miles Redd

Another Miles Redd room that makes my heart skip a beat with it’s ikat chairs…

Jonathan Berger House Beautiful July 2009.  Ikat chairs are in the background.

Madeline Weinrib’s Bedroom.  It should be noted that when it comes making Ikat fabrics no one today does it quite as well as Madeline Weinrib, which is why she deserves her very own post! I promise to deliver that one to you shortly!

Madeline Weinrib’s Living Room

Phillip Gorrivan. Wallpaper in the bathroom is one of my all time favorite Clarence House prints.

Phillip Gorrivan. This study is getting pretty close to the amount of Ikat prints I have in my small little apartment! Lisa Fine Elle Decor November 2008

Kelly Wearstler from her book Hue.  Chair is covered in fabric she designed for Lee Jofa

Kelly Wearstler Outside her Dohney Estate

Tony Duquette

KRIS Likes… RabLabs

Anna Rabinowicz launched her decorative home goods company RabLabs in 2002.  Comprised mostly of Agate, a variety of chalcedony quartz that forms itself in concentric layers and has a variety of intensely vibrant colors, Rablabs pieces are truly unique and one of a kind.  From antiquity, agate has been highly valued and sought after.  Persian Magicians used  it to divert storms and  agate bowls were HUGELY popular in the Byzantine empire, and were also collected by European royalty during the Renaissance.  Legend has imbued this gemstone with having powerful emotional healing qualities.  Agate is believed to help discern truth and accept one’s circumstances, quench thirst, protect against fever, improve memory and concentration, promote stamina, prevent insomnia and ensure pleasant dreams.  Most importantly, however, it creates stunning and unique accessories for the home that I simply adore… Enjoy!


ALEOTO II – Agate and Glass Napkin Rings

KIVA Crystal, 24k Gold and Sterling Silver platters

LIA Crystal & Amethyst Bottlestoppers

PEDRA Pure Brazilian Agate Coasters

VELA Pure Brazilian Agate Candlesticks

OBRA Brazillian Agate and Recycled Aluminum Photo Frames

CELE Brazilian Agate and Nickel Plated Metal Clocks

FIM Brazilian Agate Druze Bookends













KRIS Likes… Mae Mougin Ceramics

While attending the trade show for Kora this week another vendor by the name of Mae Mougin Ceramics caught my eye.  Founder Mae Mougin started her career as a stylist until 1999 when she converted her Southampton garage into an art studio where she began molding and firing her functional, one of a kind ceramic pieces.  Each one is handmade by Mae from a brick of porcelain and are done on a commission basis – so can be personalized!  I found her pieces to be very creative and charming.  Below are a few pictures from the trade show but for more information on Mae, her fantastic ceramics, and the selective retail shops where her pieces can be purchased – go to her website at  Enjoy!

These asian inspired bowls with their gold interiors reminded me of my various trips to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

I loved her pieces like this little tray to hold your keys.  They are so clever, simple and fun!

KRIS Likes… Emilio Pucci in the Home

Emilio Pucci reached the peak of his popularity in the mid-1960’s and it was during this time that he started to apply his signature style to a variety of non-fashion products – including items for the home.  This expansion really started in 1961 when Pucci was commissioned to design a line of colorful and bright ceramic vases and dinnerware for the German luxury brand, Rosenthal China.  In 1965, he continued with his expansion into home goods by becoming the first fashion designer to create his own line of bed and bath linens manufactured by Springmaid.  Finally, in 1968 an Argentinean rug company called Dandolo & Primi contacted Pucci asking him to produce a line of tufted wool rugs inspired by his prints.  Like his clothing, the items Pucci created for the home were whimsical and chic with a vibrant and colorful palette.   Many of the originals can still be found at various online auctions or on eBay but I would love for Pucci to come out with a new line of home goods inspired by some of these originals!  Enjoy!

Ad for Emilio Pucci Springmaid Collection.

Original Packaging for Julia Pattern Sheets from Emilio Pucci Springmaid Collection.

Emilio Pucci Navy Printed Beach Towel (Sold at Saks Fifth Avenue).

Emilio Pucci Sioux-Print Beach Towel (Sold at Saks Fifth Ave).

Emilio Pucci Spring / Summer 2010 Beach Towels (Sold on Emilio Pucci Website).

Wool Pucci Carpet in Vivera Pattern.

Original used in the main room of the 64th and Madison flagship boutique in New York City. Pucci would use his carpets to decorate his various boutiques as seen below.

The rugs were also used as decoration in his Florentine Palace (below).

In 2001 the Pucci company joined forces with Cappellini to produce a new furniture line designed by Patrick Norguet and sold by Unica Home.

Cappellini Rive Droite Armchair by Patrick Norguet

And just in case you are overwhelmed with the sudden urge to put some Pucci in your home right away –  here are a few great items on the market…

Emilio Pucci Throw Pillows.  Sold by Modern One on 1st Dibs.

1960 Pair of Italian Glass Lamps Designed by Emilio Pucci for his Rome Showroom.  Sold on Gary Rubinstein Antiques on 1st Dibs.

60’s Chic White Lacquered Stools Re-Upholstered in original Pucci Fabric.

Finally, to end this fun journey through all things Pucci I will leave you with some remarkable images from the Pucci 60th anniversary party in Miami.  Held at the waterfront estate of Norma and Luis Quintero; the renowned visual artist Gerard Cholot transformed the estates ballroom into the absolutely gorgeous installation pictured below…