KRIS Likes… Mae Mougin Ceramics

While attending the trade show for Kora this week another vendor by the name of Mae Mougin Ceramics caught my eye.  Founder Mae Mougin started her career as a stylist until 1999 when she converted her Southampton garage into an art studio where she began molding and firing her functional, one of a kind ceramic pieces.  Each one is handmade by Mae from a brick of porcelain and are done on a commission basis – so can be personalized!  I found her pieces to be very creative and charming.  Below are a few pictures from the trade show but for more information on Mae, her fantastic ceramics, and the selective retail shops where her pieces can be purchased – go to her website at  Enjoy!

These asian inspired bowls with their gold interiors reminded me of my various trips to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

I loved her pieces like this little tray to hold your keys.  They are so clever, simple and fun!

KRIS Likes… Tumblers

What is the reason we call certain drinking glasses “tumblers”? It’s because at one time these drinking glasses really “tumbled.”  They were made with a pointed or curved base so that you could not set them down until you had drained the last drop. – Dictionary of Word Origins: A History of the Words, Expressions and Clichés We Use by Jordan Almond.

Hula Tumblers – Hand Blown Glass Tumblers in a wonderful array of brilliant colors from LSA, these stemless glasses are steadier than the name implies. Advertised as “delicate dancing glasses”, that despite their appearance, “manage not to spill your contents”.  Sold in sets  of 4 ($35 for a set), with a choice of a cool and a warm color variety, as well as, black and white.  For me, these glasses give a chic and creative solution to the age-old  and very uncomfortable dilemma of trying to figure out which glass is yours at a cocktail party.  By purchasing one of each set of these glasses, you could create a collection that would allow you to serve your guests their own colored glass to keep track of.  In my opinion, it is much easier to remember what color glass you were drinking from than trying to remember if the ornament hanging off the stem the glass is yours.

Mouth-blown tumblers

Table Art Tumblers.  Mouth blown tumblers come in a 16 oz glass ($14 each) and an 8 oz glass ($12 each) and available in 13 different colors.  The glasses are sold individually so you can buy your favorite color or mix and match to create a varied and beautiful collection of assorted colors.  I love how opaque and bright all the colors are but personally, I am partial to the cobalt and yellow.

KRIS Likes… Placemats

Decorating the dinner table for any occasion is a direct challenge to your imagination. – Dorothy Draper, Entertaining is Fun!
Shouldn’t the thing that designates your guests place at the table be as chic and full of personality as the people who will be sitting there?  I certainly think so and if you agree these placemats should do the trick.

Piscine Placemats from Dransfield and Ross in colors: turquoise, citrine, ivory & melon (taupe available but not pictured).

Painted Elephant Placemat by Dransfield and Ross.

KRIS Likes… Porcelain

Porcelain – Why do we call Chinaware “Porcelain”?  The word is French Porcelain – and literally means “like a pig.” The back of cowrie shells looks something like a pig’s back and so these little shells were named “little pig” shells.  Chinese earthenware has a white glossy look like the inside of these shells-and so it to was given this name. -Dictionary of Word Origins, A History of Words, Expressions, and Clichés We Use, by Jordan Almond.

J. Chew Porcelain

Lattice Blue/Orange by J. Chew

J.Chew Lattice Dinner Plate

J.Chew Lattice Dinner Plate

Malaysian born and New York resident, Jamie Chew, creator and designer of the J. Chew Porcelain line, has some of my favorite porcelain patterns. Her dinnerware is geometric with a colorful, modern edge and unmistakable individualistic style. The unique combination of asian infused motifs paired with the fine mastery and tradition of Limoges Porcelain, gives this very fresh & energetic collection an air of sophistication and informal elegance.  Available for purchase at Michael C. Fina.

Haviland Limoges 1842

Laque De Chine Orange Gold by Haviland Limoges

Haviland Limoges began in 1842 when David Haviland, enthralled with the fine China coming from the Limoges region in France, moved across the atlantic to start his own company. The Laque De Chine collection, rimmed in 20 different exquisite and vibrant hues, and edged in 22 karat gold (platinum option available as well), is chic and exuberant.  Individually painted and decorated by Limoges artisans, this dinnerware exudes both a sense of luxury and spirit. Available at stores like William Sonoma Home and Neiman Marcus.

Eventails Blue and Orient Dinnerware Collection by Haviland Limoges

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Dishwasher safe, the whimsical, ocean inspired pattern in vibrant blues, and gold detailing, make this Eventails Blue and Orient collection hard to resist.  It seems to capture a sense of playful novelty that would make setting any table fun.


Renaissance Gold Fine Bone China by Wedgewood.

Wedgwood CREAMER
This Wedgwood pattern, with its bold blue and gilded detailing, inspired by the Neo-classical architect and designer Robert Adam, and the Wedgwood Archives, is seeped in historical influences. The collection is both timeless and current, decadent yet fresh, and simple. I especially love the creamer!

Vera Wang Golden Grosgrain Fine Bone China for Wedgwood.
Golden Grosgrain Fine Bone China
A Grosgrain ribbon inspired collection designed by Vera Wang for Wedgwood is everything you would expect it to be and more.  True to form, Vera provides an exquisite blend of simplicity, romanticism, delicate detail, and modern grace.
Philippe Deshoulieres

Arcades dinnerware collection by Philippe Deshoulieres

<U>Arcades Five-piece Placesetting *</U>
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A seventh generation family owned company, Philipe Deshouliers has been a leading french porcelain manufacturer since 1862.  The green and gold arched embellishments, said to be inspired by the manicured gardens of France, are distinctive, fresh, and fun.  Available in stores such as, Barron’s and Bed Bath and Beyond, along with many others.

KRIS Likes… Credenzas

Credenza – A Buffet or sideboard; originally referred to the place, a cautionary zone, where food was set out for the servants to taste before serving it, to verify that nothing was poisoned; the word, in Italian, means trust. – Karen Elizabeth Gordon, The Disheveled Dictonary, PG. 25

This sleek and chic 1970’s Italian black lacquer credenza would add a dash of Hollywood Regency glamour to any dining room.  You won’t have to compromise practicality for beauty either, it comes with a glass top so the lacquer top won’t scratch when dishes are being served.  For more information go the Antique Du Monde’s dealer site on 1st Dibs.

Talk about a feast for the eyes!!  The dining room can be a great place to add a little sense of daring and really have some fun and I cannot imagine anything more delightfully delicious and fresh than this yellow lacquered Credenza with a Greek key-fret style motif by Mastercraft. A metaphorical exclamation this piece really stands on its own; dramatic and vibrant, yet, refined, and exquisitely detailed. For more information on this piece email go to or email

This bleached Parchment and Brass Marseilles Sideboard reminds me of an old phonograph with the round brass circle motif and graceful curve to the legs. Manufactured by Sylvan SF and carried by the Profiles Showroom in New York City.  Available to the trade only.