KRIS Likes… The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa feat. Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend)

Since I will be starting off next week with a post about one of my favorite jewelry lines that is sourced from and made in Africa – I thought I would start off the weekend by setting the mood for what is to come.  The music video is a little silly but there is no question that an uplifting song like this will elevate whatever plans you have for the gorgeous weekend ahead.  Enjoy!

Ps – Did I mention that Vampire Weekend is also one of my favorite bands?

KRIS Likes… The XX

The XX is a relatively new and young band from London who released their debut album xx in August of 2009.   Perhaps most astounding, the three band members are all only 21 years old (they started playing music together at age 16 and the two lead singers have been friends since before they could speak). In addition, the album was recorded in their garage.  This is pretty incredible given their sophisticated sound and recent fame since the albums release (Rolling Stones ranked them #9 on their 2009 “best of the year” list).  Their album has been a favorite of mine this year and I don’t anticipate getting sick of them anytime soon. It is one of those extremely rare albums that is better when played all the way through so if you haven’t already, be sure to purchase the entire album.   Enjoy!