KRIS Likes… Andirons

The oldest of fireplace furnishings, andirons were used widely from the Late Iron Age.  The andiron stands on short legs and usually has a vertical guard bar at the front to prevent logs from rolling odd, thus giving it a somewhat dog like appearance (hence the alternative name, firedog). – Encyclopedia Britannica

Pair of Iron Dog Fireplace Andirons from Mecox Gardens

It is officially winter and when faced with the bitter cold of the outdoors nothing sounds better than getting cozy next to a warm fire!  The fireplace is often the visual focal point in a room and how you adorn your fireplace opening can greatly enhance the rooms aesthetic appeal.  One  of my favorite ways to increase your fireside allure is through the  decorative and essential use of Andirons.  Andirons are metal supports that keep the logs inside your fireplace, as well as, lift the logs off the ground, promoting more air flow around them and making for a better fire.  Of course, they are highly decorative, incorporating a whole host of architectural and design elements!  In my opinion, the larger the better but don’t forget that finishing touches like these are what gives a home its unique personality so be sure these details display who you are!  Below are just a few of my favorites to help guide you… Enjoy and stay warm!

Art Deco Polished Nickel Whippet Hound Andirons by Quotient – $2,475


1930’s Nickel Art Deco Skyscraper Andirons – $1600

Tall Brass “U Form” Modernist Andirons from the 1950’s – $900

ABC Modern Brass Machine Age Andirons, American, circa 1930’s-1940’s  – $750

1960’s Asian Inspired Andirons and firetools $1,200 from ABC ModernSleek Brass Ball Andirons Circa 1950’s – $950


Pair of Mandarin Style Hollywood Regency Brass Andirons – $1,200


Phillip Nimmo Ironworks Linea Andirons = To The Trade Only Profiles Showroom

1920’s French Rare & Exceptional Blackened Steel, Neckeled Bronze & Crystal Andirons From The Collection of Madeleine Castaing – $8,000

Chinese Drawing Room At Carlton House from Peak of Chic

Reed and Delphine Krakoffs Southampton Home Featured in Elle Decor September 2006.  Andirons Designed by Pamplemousse.

Vincente Wolfe

Caratid Andirons from Lyle + Umbach – To The Trade Only

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Madeline Stuart Featured in Elle Decor January 2007

Yves St Laurent Paris Apartment Featured in Architectual Digest July 2009

Jim Howard House Beautiful

Steven Gambrel Featured in November 2007 Issue of Elle Decor

Cordelia De Castellane H&G May07