KRIS Likes…The Lounge Gun Floor Lamp by Flos

Say hello to my little friend….

I was walking past Flos showroom in Soho yesterday and this lounge gun floor lamp immediately caught my eye.  Of course, I couldn’t resist going in to get a closer look.  It was everything I had anticipated from the street and so much more! Granted, it’s not for everyone BUT even if you wouldn’t want it in your living room, it’s hard to deny that it is pretty awesome…  Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so.  According to the national sales rep in the showroom the lamp is on backorder due to popular demand.  Some things are worth the wait!

The lamp is also available in a silver finish option and as a table lamp.  In my opinion, the table lamp was too small to give the full effect and ended up looking a little more like a prop.  The gold just seemed to give it that perfect 1970’s vibe.  Did I mention that the inside of the lampshade is gold?