KRIS Likes… art + interiors

“We are drawn to contemporary abstract art because it is timeless, limitless and has no boundaries.”

art + interiors is an industry partner of ASID and a to-the-trade resource for contemporary art. Culled and curated by Cynthia Byrnes and Liza Clymer, it boasts a varied collection of 43 emerging to established fine artists working in the mediums of painting, works on paper, mixed media, sculpture, photography and site specific installation.  The careful culling is ongoing, consistently providing the trade with a fresh, edited and evolving body of inspired works.  Cynthia and Liza combine their passion and knowledge with their intuitive ability to identify the best and brightest artists and have become an essential trade resource.

The quality of the work they offer is exceptional but the website will blow your mind!  By registering on, Interior Designers and Architects can view the entire body of work of each artist represented and search by dimension, genre or medium.  The site provides you with the bio of each artist and an “artwork detail” page that gives the title, year, medium, dimensions and list price of individual works of art.  My favorite feature is the “magnifier tool” that allows you to magnify the artwork so you can view actual textural details.   Another favorite feature is how easy they make it to keep things organized.  The website is set up to allow you to save images under individual projects and specific rooms, load CAD elevations AND digital images to virtually place artwork in situ!  It get’s better. It makes it easy to email your clients your selections and virtual placements or print cut sheets for client meetings.  Reserving and purchasing is even easy.

Having worked closely with both women, what sets them apart is the relationships they have developed with the artists in the collective. Their knowledge and ability to share the artist’s process, inspiration and conceptual point of view is invaluable.  For those who want to really take advantage of this they will consult regarding the scope and requirements of a project, recommend and curate the work—or guide commissions– for residential and commercial projects, and attend on site client meetings to speak about the artworks and inspiration.  Below are just a few of my favorite works by some of my favorite artists.  Enjoy!!

Perry Burns – Five Horizons, Oil on Canvas, 72″ x 51″.

James T. Greco – db1, Mixed Media on Panel, Framed in Steel, 48″ x 45″.

Kaz Strankowski – Auckland, 1 C-Type Photograph.

Judith Steinberg – Rhythm Night, Painted Aluminum Mesh-Painted Paper, Wood, Wire,  24″ x 11″.

Bart Gulley – K, Collage on Board, 30″ x 24″.

Geoffrey Moss – Popsicle Series – Freeze Melt, Oil on Canvas, 40″ x 40″.

Perry Burns – Aphrodite, Oil on Canvas 64″ x 54″.

Ashley Andrews – Red Rope, Acrylic, Oil Stick on Paper, 60″ x 60″.

Liz Dexheimer – Swamp Series Rose IV, Monotype 48″ x 32″.

Patricia Wilder – Colorfield Series 016, Photography.

Nga Nguyen – Abstract 65, Oil on Panel, 14″ x 12″.

George Chaplin – Expansive , Oil on Canvas, 36″ x 36″.

Mary Newcomb – High Tension, Plaster and Acrylic on Canvas, 12″ x 12″.

Kiyoshi Otsuka – Jump Up, acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 24″.

Missy Lipsett – Untitled Surface Tension 13, Acrylic on Canvas, 24″ x 24″.

Hugh O’Donnell – After the Rain, Oil on Canvas, 33″ x 34″.

Mary Manning – Tempo 1, Acrylic on Paper, 55″ x 44″.

** For those of you who live in the area and are not a member of the trade or don’t have a designer, you can go to HB Home to inquire about purchasing work.