KRIS Likes… Scrap Lights by Graypants

An innovative model for what is possible when designers return to using their hands, thinking responsibly and crafting outside the lines.

Architects Jonathan Junker and Seth Grizzle first met while studying architecture at Kent State University in Chicago.  Connected by their mutual desire to develop and craft designs that are both thoughtful and impactful (as well as a commitment to having a good time in the process), they decided to join forces, opening a design studio based in Seattle called Graypants.  Made entirely from discarded corrugated cardboard boxes that Seth and Jon collect from local business in Seattle, Scrap Lights are just one of the designs born in the Graypants studio.  To be perfectly honest, I haven’t jumped on the green design bandwagon the way some other designers have and I’m certainly not one to love something simply because it’s green.  However, I DO love beautiful and unique things and these semi-translucent lanterns definitely fall into that category!  The scrap lights look like beautiful, oversized woven baskets hanging from the ceiling and the muted light that they give off highlights the varied textures, giving them an understated elegance (two words I never thought I would use to describe old cardboard boxes).  As a designer, I’m constantly breaking down cardboard boxes from all the product shipped to me on a daily basis and I will forever look at those boxes a little differently – perhaps with a little pang of melancholy for how they may never know the potential of their own beauty.  But (for now at least) I will try to leave that type of crafting to the experts…  Enjoy!

(JUPITER) – Galilean Moon Set – $679

(Jupiter) Scrap Lights – $479

DISC & BELL Scrap Lights

(DISC) Scrap Lights – $279

(Bell) Scrap Lights – $479

Hanging HIVE and DISC Scrap Lights

(HIVE) Scrap Lights – $219