Kris Likes… Window Seats

“He left the drapes open, watched the lights of the cars and of the fast food joints through the window glass, comforted to know there was another world out there, one he could walk to anytime he wanted.” ― Neil Gaiman, American Gods


I am in the middle of designing a window seat for a client and I thought I would share some of my inspiration.  There is something about a cozy window nook with a beautiful view.  The space needs to feel intimate and cozy … a secluded space that is still a part of the room.  There are a lot of elements to consider when building a window seat.  Do you want shelving?  Storage?  Lighting? You have to consider how you want to frame the space, how deep you want the space and most importantly, how to make the space as comfortable and functional as possible.  Stylistically these window seats are very different but there were elements in each one that I was able to draw from and incorporate into my design.  Enjoy!  xx K


Nina-Griscom-Elle-Decor-William-Waldron-3Nina Griscom Elle DecorNorman_13033LL_17_19_master_web

Lauren Liess


Nes tDesign CoNest Design CO

Todd Romano

Steven  GambrelSteven Gambrel

Miller Architects-sun-valley-family-lodge-interior-08Miller Architects


KRIS Likes… The Entry Foyer

The entrance to a house is like the preface to a book; it should give you a sense of what you are entering, but not tell the whole story. – Libby Cameron

Michael Berman

Rob Southern

Windsor Smith

Todd Romano

Elizabeth Dinkel

Tory Burch Apartment Foyer designed by Daniel Romualdez

Steven Gambrel

Miles Redd

Kelly Wearstler

Cathy Kincaid

Victoria Hagan

Phoebe Howard

Noel Jeffrey

Kelly Wearstler