KRIS Likes… Tumblers

What is the reason we call certain drinking glasses “tumblers”? It’s because at one time these drinking glasses really “tumbled.”  They were made with a pointed or curved base so that you could not set them down until you had drained the last drop. – Dictionary of Word Origins: A History of the Words, Expressions and Clichés We Use by Jordan Almond.

Hula Tumblers – Hand Blown Glass Tumblers in a wonderful array of brilliant colors from LSA, these stemless glasses are steadier than the name implies. Advertised as “delicate dancing glasses”, that despite their appearance, “manage not to spill your contents”.  Sold in sets  of 4 ($35 for a set), with a choice of a cool and a warm color variety, as well as, black and white.  For me, these glasses give a chic and creative solution to the age-old  and very uncomfortable dilemma of trying to figure out which glass is yours at a cocktail party.  By purchasing one of each set of these glasses, you could create a collection that would allow you to serve your guests their own colored glass to keep track of.  In my opinion, it is much easier to remember what color glass you were drinking from than trying to remember if the ornament hanging off the stem the glass is yours.

Mouth-blown tumblers

Table Art Tumblers.  Mouth blown tumblers come in a 16 oz glass ($14 each) and an 8 oz glass ($12 each) and available in 13 different colors.  The glasses are sold individually so you can buy your favorite color or mix and match to create a varied and beautiful collection of assorted colors.  I love how opaque and bright all the colors are but personally, I am partial to the cobalt and yellow.