KRIS Likes… RabLabs

Anna Rabinowicz launched her decorative home goods company RabLabs in 2002.  Comprised mostly of Agate, a variety of chalcedony quartz that forms itself in concentric layers and has a variety of intensely vibrant colors, Rablabs pieces are truly unique and one of a kind.  From antiquity, agate has been highly valued and sought after.  Persian Magicians used  it to divert storms and  agate bowls were HUGELY popular in the Byzantine empire, and were also collected by European royalty during the Renaissance.  Legend has imbued this gemstone with having powerful emotional healing qualities.  Agate is believed to help discern truth and accept one’s circumstances, quench thirst, protect against fever, improve memory and concentration, promote stamina, prevent insomnia and ensure pleasant dreams.  Most importantly, however, it creates stunning and unique accessories for the home that I simply adore… Enjoy!


ALEOTO II – Agate and Glass Napkin Rings

KIVA Crystal, 24k Gold and Sterling Silver platters

LIA Crystal & Amethyst Bottlestoppers

PEDRA Pure Brazilian Agate Coasters

VELA Pure Brazilian Agate Candlesticks

OBRA Brazillian Agate and Recycled Aluminum Photo Frames

CELE Brazilian Agate and Nickel Plated Metal Clocks

FIM Brazilian Agate Druze Bookends













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